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Professional landscape gardeners based in Reading and coving the Berkshire area.

Garden Maintenance & Lawn Care Services

We offer a full maintenance package for both the domestic and corporate clients covering all aspects of garden and grounds maintenance.

Our highly specialised team is fully equiped with the latest petrol driven equipment allowing us to carry out our work with complete freedom. Our services go beyond just maintenance as we can offer practical solutions to problem areas in your garden with full landscaping support.

We are well practised at both installing new lawns and sorting out problem lawns. Every household needs different things from their lawn. Some need a lawn that looks smart but is tough enough to withstand constant attack from hordes of marauding children, whereas others aspire to a pristine striped lawn that's as elegant as a carefully tended cricket pitch. Tell us your objectives and we will help you to achieve them.

A new lawn needs a carefully prepared base, the exact nature of which will depend on the location, soil, gradient and various other factors. It will also be influenced by the quality of the turf or lawn seed if the lawn is being grown from scratch.

If you have a lawn that needs some attention, we have developed various techniques for restoring and repairing existing lawns. We can also carry out maintenance procedures such as weeding and feeding, or aeration and scarifying to promote healthy growth. Careful edging can also help to make a lawn look neater.

Let us do the hard work for you!

A well-maintained garden is a joy. But it takes a lot of hard work to get a garden under control and keep it neat. Why not call us now to arrange a maintenance schedule that will keep your garden spick and span all year round?

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