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Mixed Fish Pond Construction

Our aquatic industry backgrounds enable us to design, construct and equip very effective mixed fish ponds.

When we discuss your requirements on site, we'll go carefully through every aspect of the design, construction and equipment with you, to ensure that your pond fully meets your needs and expectations.

And of course, we'll do our best to stretch your budget as far as possible so that you have a pond to be proud of!

Key factors to consider

There are many factors that need to be taken into account when designing the pond and filtration. These include the aspect of the pond site, the position in the garden, the amount of exposure to sunshine and shade, whether it will be ground level or have raised walls and so on. The depth of the pond will depend on the location, the sizes and types of fish to be accommodated.


A pump-fed system is normally used for a mixed pond. Depending on the filter system in question, the water should pass through the filter once every 2 hours. The objective is to ensure good water quality and clarity, so that your fish stay healthy and you can fully enjoy their beauty. Pump-fed systems are highly efficient for mixed fish ponds and cost less to install than gravity-fed systems. We always try to use short pipe lengths and few bends, to reduce friction so that the pump flow rate is as high as possible. The filtered water can be returned directly to the pond or via a waterfall or watercourse.

Aeration & Skimming

Aeration is as important as filtration. The biological filter requires highly oxygenated water to operate effectively and maintain perfect water quality. There are many types of low and high pressure air pumps available.

Various types of surface skimmers are also available. These units will keep the surface of your pond free from floating debris.


We normally install a high-quality heavy-duty rubber liner with a soft sand base and underlay, but some clients prefer pre-formed fibre-glass ponds. Both types have a waterproof lifespan of over 30 years, when installed correctly, and will accommodate many types of aquatic planting at different depths.


We can lay any preferred type of edging, or recommend a type that fits in with the design of your garden.


We have extensive knowledge of aquatic plants and can recommend suitable plants and install them for you. When constructing a pond to be lined with heavy-duty rubber liner, we will install shelves at appropriate depths for marginal and deep water aquatics. Pre-formed fibre-glass ponds have planting shelves built-in to their form, varying from model to model.

Heron protection

Heron ProtectionPredatory Herons can be a serious hazard for Koi. Because they land beside the pond to take the fish, we often protect ponds with a surround of unobtrusive 60cm high, 8mm thick aluminium stakes, strung with nylon line to create a barrier. Electrified kits are available if required.

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