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Tree/Shrub, Planting, Pruning & Removal

A vital element of garden design lies in developing a planting plan that considers not just the immediate creation of the garden, but also takes account of future developments and requirements as the garden matures.

Trees are particularly relevant. Depending on the variety of tree, one that is small now may grow significantly over the years and end up dominating a garden, blocking off light or a good view and causing root damage to building foundations. So we take great care to plan well ahead when suggesting specific trees and their locations.

Much the same applies to shrubs. We take care to recommend shrubs that fit the planting plan efficiently in terms of potential future height, spread and scale especially the key structural plants. We also pay careful attention to many other factors such as colour, leaf shape, texture, the affect on nearby planting, and so on.

Judicious tree surgery and pruning can be used to control the future growth of trees, shrubs and hedges. But sometimes, the only way to tackle problem areas in existing planting is to remove selected trees or shrubs.

Planning and nurturing!

Strategically placed, well-groomed trees and shrubs are key factors in creating a garden to be proud of. Why not call us now to arrange an on-site meeting to explore your garden's potential?

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