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Waterfalls, Cascades & Rockeries

If you want to take a step beyond a water feature, consider a waterfall, or even a series of cascades descending into a pool.

Either of these can be combined with a rockery, to bring a fresh, alpine feel into a corner of your garden, even if your garden is flat and on one level.

Many different plants are at home on a rockery, from trailing alpines to succulents.

A waterfall can make a stimulating background to a seating area on a patio, and it's not essential to follow an alpine theme. This type of feature also lends itself well to a highly contemporary approach, perhaps using sheet metal, or even a mirrored surface behind the water.

The only limit is your imagination, and we would be happy to provide suggestions to suit the space you have available and the level of impact you want to achieve.

Fancy some alpine scenery?

You'd be amazed what a strong focal point a rockery can make, especially if it features a waterfall. We're happy to visit you and talk about what can be achieved, so why not call us now to arrange an exploratory meeting?

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