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Pond Cleaning & Maintenance

Overcrowded and congested water plants? Every pond needs periodic deep cleaning.

The frequency depends on its size and location. As a general rule, most ponds require attention every 3 to 5 years. The process involves completely emptying the pond of water and its inhabitants in order to remove the layer of mulm (decomposing matter) at the bottom of the pond. It will mainly consist of rotting leaves and plant material. The deep clean also provides an opportunity to divide established clumps of deep-water and marginal plants, such as water lilies and vigorously growing marginal aquatics. While the pond is empty, it will be thoroughly examined for any potential problems and recommendations made. The edging, lining and any form of waterfall or watercourse will be jet washed to help remove algae deposits. We will also deep clean your filter box, including the pumps and ultra violet clarifier.

It is highly important to retain as much of the matured pond water as possible when carrying out a deep clean to preserve the microscopic life that allows a working ecosystem to become established again. We have a 3000 gallon fish holding vat for larger ponds and a 750 gallon fish holding vat for medium to small ponds. Both these vats are specialised and specific for fish use. Inflatable paddling or swimming pools are not suitable as the PVC is coated with a substance that is harmful to aquatic life. Both vats are complete with a heavy duty fine mesh cover allowing 50% of daylight through and 100% protection from predators. We also use a high volume air pump on the vat while the works are being carried out.

Filter Cleaning & Maintenance

Functional planting and regular care of your filtration system will maintain clear water. On average, a filter should be cleaned once a month. This will vary depending on the volume of water it is filtering, the stock levels and the position of your pond.

We offer a full pre-season maintenance package for your filtration system. In March we would contact you to arrange a visit. The work would include servicing your pumping equipment, UV clarifier (replacing the bulb as UV bulbs have a 12 month efficiency cycle), jet washing through the pipe work and deep cleaning your filter and its media. This process ensures your pond will function at its optimum from the very beginning of the season.

We also offer an end-of-season maintenance package. This work would go ahead in October or November. It involves the same work as the pre-season package (excluding the replacement UV bulb as it is not necessary) but now including maintenance of your aquatic plants. Every year, barring a few exceptions, the finished foliage of your aquatic plants should be cut down to prevent it from decaying in the pond over winter, cutting off any runners and roots structure spreading from their baskets. This will benefit the ecosystem in the long term, causing less organic matter to build up and decay in your pond.

We also carry out pond & filter maintenance visits throughout the season, deep cleaning your filter system, tidying the aquatic plants, jet washing the pond edging and any watercourse(s) you may have. Please call Richard to arrange a free no obligation site visit to discuss your needs.

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