Regular filter maintenance is essential for the health and clarity of your pond.

It is essential to keep your filter well maintained for optimal performance. Regular care of your filtration system will result in clear and healthy water. Filter maintenance is highly dependent on the size of the filter, the volume of water it is filtering, the livestock load and the position of your pond. We offer bespoke maintenance packages to suit the needs of your system which can range from monthly to quarterly servicing. Most systems require a full strip down and deep clean three to four times a year. We suggest spring, summer and autumn, sometimes two deep cleans in the summer.

A standard maintenance package includes servicing your pumping equipment, cleaning your UV clarifier quartz sleeve, jet washing through the pipework and deep cleaning your filter unit and media. During spring, the UV lamp should be replaced as they lose efficiency after about 9000 hours of use, which is basically one year. They might still produce visible light after a year but it will have stopped producing the UV wavelength, and therefore not doing what they are supposed to be doing anymore. Deep cleaning the filtration system and replacing the UV lamp in spring ensures your system is functioning at its optimum from the very beginning of the season.

In autumn, we also offer aquatic plant management along with end of season filter services. Every year, barring some exceptions, the foliage of your aquatic plants can be cut back to prevent it from decaying in the pond over winter, cutting off excessive runners and root structures spreading from the baskets. This will benefit the ecosystem in the long term, causing less organic matter to build up and decay in your fish pond. It is good practice to leave some foliage in place on wildlife ponds, lakes, and even some fish ponds, as it will provide shelter for wildlife over winter.

During each service, we visually check your fish for signs of disease or abrasions. We inspect the pond, filter system and pipework for potential problems and will recommend appropriate action and treatments. A pond should be a trouble free experience and with the right care and maintenance, it will always be an enjoyable feature. 

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