Overcrowded and congested water plants? Large deposits of organic matter? Every pond needs periodic deep cleaning.

Periodic deep cleaning is crucial for a healthy pond. The frequency depends on the size and location. As a general rule, most ponds require attention every 3 to 5 years. The process involves completely emptying the pond of water and its inhabitants in order to remove the layer of mulm (decomposing organic matter) at the bottom of the pond. It will mainly consist of rotting leaves and plant material. The deep clean also provides an opportunity to divide established clumps of deep water and marginal aquatics, such as water lilies and vigorously growing marginal plants. While the pond is empty, it will be thoroughly examined for any potential problems and recommendations made. The edging and any form of waterfall or watercourse can be pressure washed to help remove algae deposits. We will also inspect and deep clean your filter unit, media, pumps and ultra violet clarifier.

It is highly important to retain as much of the matured pond water as possible when carrying out a deep clean to preserve the microscopic life that allows a working ecosystem to fast become established again. However, if the pond is in a poor condition with low oxygen levels, it might be more beneficial to change the pond water. Fresh water conditions and bacteria enzyme balls will help to re-mature the pond. 

We have a 2000 gallon fish holding vat for larger ponds, 750 gallon for medium ponds and 150 gallon for small ponds. All our vats are specialised and specific for fish use. They offer the best temporary environments for your fish. Inflatable paddling or swimming pools are not suitable as the PVC is coated with a substance that is harmful to aquatic life. All our vats are complete with heavy duty fine mesh covers allowing daylight through and 100% protection from predators. We use a high volume air pump to keep the water well oxygenated.