Add some kerb-appeal! Improve your property with a professionally laid driveway. We can install a variety of driveway to improve your property and increase your parking space. These include all kinds of block paving, gravels, flagstone paving or a combination of these.

New permeable driveways are common place as surface water is not permitted to runoff into public highways or mains sewers. SuDS (sustainable drainage systems) practices must be applied and this relates to the slowing down of surface water runoff, allowing it to soak into the ground. It is to avoid flooding sewer systems that are already near capacity and to slow water down before reaching natural waterways.

Permeable block paving is available in variety of styles and colours, including modern and antique finishes, and when installed with the correct base requirements, it meets all current regulations. Traditional block paving and other surfaces can still be laid but adequately sized and located soakaways must be built to accommodate surface runoff water.

Provision for lighting and security gates can also be installed while renewing your driveway or you may choose to have your entire front garden landscaped in conjunction with laying the drive.

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