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Koi Pond Construction​

We have great expertise in designing, constructing and equipping Koi ponds, fully understanding the needs of members from The British Koi-Keeper Society (B.K.K.S).

Our extensive knowledge and experience of incorporating the specialised requirements for successful Koi keeping ensure that your pond will be properly constructed, to the correct depth, with a top of the range filtration system and suitable edging.

We have included some general information below but when we discuss your requirements on site we'll go carefully through every aspect of the design, construction and equipment with you, to ensure that your pond fully meets your needs and expectations. And of course, we'll do our best to stretch your budget as far as possible so that you can have a Koi pond to be proud of!

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Key Factors to consider

There are many factors that need to be taken into account when designing the pond and filtration. These include the aspect of the pond site, the position in the garden, the amount of exposure to sunshine and shade, whether it will be ground level or have raised walls and so on. The depth of the pond will need to be a minimum of 3ft (1m), but possibly as much as 5ft (1.5m) or more depending on the individual needs of the Koi keeper.

EPDM Rubber Liners & Fibre-glass

We are trained installers of high quality EPDM rubber liners, laid on a soft sand base covered with pond underlay. Some clients prefer their pond to be fibre-glassed and we have a choice of colours available. A final tissue coat is always applied. Both types of lining are the best available and highly durable when installed correctly.

Aeration & Skimming

Aeration is as important as filtration. The biological stage requires highly oxygenated water to operate effectively and maintain perfect water quality. The latest moving bed technology ensures the biological stages are always highly oxygenated. For traditional filters, there are many types of low and high pressure air pumps available which will oxygenate the biological stage of the filter.

Various types of surface skimmers are also available. These units will keep the surface of your pond free from floating debris.

Filtration Systems

It is essential to install the right filtration system for the size and location of a koi pond. This will guarantee perfect water quality, healthy active fish and clear water so that you can fully enjoy the beauty of your koi. We know that the extra cost of premium quality equipment pays off in the long term, not just in energy savings but also through efficient designs and low maintenance requirements, ensuring that your fish can thrive in the best possible environment. There are a wide range of filters available for koi ponds, from the larger traditional designs to modern compact drum filters with highly efficient moving bed bio technology. There is no overkill as far as filtration goes so we can recommend the best equipment to suit your needs.

Koi enthusiasts tend to favour a gravity-fed system. This filters efficiently, makes maintenance simple and is easy to install additional equipment. The filtered water can be returned directly to the pond or via a waterfall or watercourse. Depending on the filter system in question, the entire volume of water should pass through the filter once every one to two hours. A gravity-fed system is more efficient at keeping the bottom of a pond free from sediment as the bottom drain removes solids.

Pump-fed systems can also be used and are just as good at keeping pond healthy with crystal water clear. They cost less to install and are extremely efficient but tend to have higher maintenance requirements than gravity-fed systems. We always try to use short pipe lengths with a large bore and few bends. This reduces water friction so that the pump flow rate is as high as possible.

Berkshire Landscapes


Many types of material can be used to edge your koi pond. Customers tend to favour paving (natural or man-made flagstones), rock boulders, cobble beaches, gravel and grass edgings, but we can supply and lay any preferred type. When laying a rock edge or cobbled beach, we always create a natural water line so when the pond is full the lining material is not seen. The material chosen must also be inert so that no minerals will leach out into the pond water, if in contact. This includes the bedding mortar.

With flagstone edging, the slabs are laid to overhang the pond water by approximately 50mm so the water sits underneath when the pond is full.



Although aquatic planting is not normally considered in koi ponds we can provide for it if you wish, complete with protection from the koi. Alternatively, planting up the surrounding area of your koi pond will add further aesthetics and diversity to the feature without the risk of the koi damaging the plants.

Heron Protection

Predatory herons can be a serious hazard for koi. Because they land beside the pond to take the fish, we often protect ponds with carefully positioned 600mm high, 8mm diameter aluminium pre-drilled poles, strung with high breaking strain monofilament line to create an unobtrusive barrier. This is a very effective defence measure. Electrified kits are also available.