One of our specialities is aquatic planting, and we have vast knowledge in this field. Let us transform an area of your garden or introduce a greater diversity of plants to your pond. Whether you want a bog garden for a greater diversity plants, or just a couple of moisture retaining flowerbeds next to a pond, we’ve got it covered.

Our background in aquatics has given us the specialist knowledge and skills to create exceptional water gardens, using compatible plants that will thrive in the localised conditions of your garden. Not every pond will encompass the full range of planting situations water plants and moisture loving plants will like. The types of plants you wish to grow will influence both the design and choice of the construction method for your pond. If you are considering planting an already established pond, we will discuss the planting types that will best fit your pond during a pre-arranged visit.

We have spent many years developing the necessary skills to create an exceptional water garden, a simple wild flower garden, a large, formal layout or just a couple of flowerbeds to add some colour in particular areas. We understand which plants prefer sun and which like shade. We know the plants that thrive in acidic or alkaline soil. We're familiar with which plants work best in well-drained soil.

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