Re-designing your garden is an exciting prospect!

But where do you start? If you have no idea of what you want then a great way forward is to engage with a garden designer. They will help you decide and plan your garden, producing drawings to suit your needs. However, most people know what they want from their space, or are looking to develop sections of their garden one step at a time. With a simple discussion with us, we can combine your ideas with our experience and knowledge and help to create a stunning garden of your dreams. The materials chosen, from paving and aggregates to decking and decorative edgings, will add character, structure and texture that lead the eye through the landscape. Somewhere to relax, entertain and let the children play, or maybe a colourful, varied or low maintenance garden. Landscaping is the ideal way to give you a beautiful environment with a practical layout. Simplicity is often the best approach.

Landscaping ideas start with good research. Take inspiration by viewing our portfolio of work, visit local garden centres and take photos at national trust properties, public gardens, garden shows, even other people’s gardens to get a feel of what you like and want to create. Then simply sit down with a sheet of paper, draw an outline of your garden and divide it into zones. Visualise how the things you liked will look in the different zones. Maybe have an ornamental pond as a central focal point, create height using pergolas and trees, have secret areas with the clever use of planting or decorative screens, dedicate an area for wildlife with a small pond surrounded by a wild meadow, connect it all with a meandering gravel or paved pathway. The possibilities are endless!

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