Commercial Pressure Washing

We have some very powerful high pressure washing equipment, and we know how to use it! We can professionally clean driveways, patios, decking and more. Please call to find out more.

Our commercial 3,200psi pressure washer helps us to thoroughly clean all types of surfaces including driveways, patios, pathways, decking, fountains, statues, garden structures, garden furniture, tennis courts, swimming pool and hot tub areas, but it needs careful handling. For example, if you were to get too close to the surface being cleaned, it could actually cause damage. As we are very experienced in using this equipment, we can whizz through exterior cleaning tasks very efficiently using our different surface cleaning attachments and power level adjustments on the machine itself.

An interesting point is that despite the power, this type of washer is eco-friendly because it’s very economical with water use. It actually uses less water than a garden hose! And because the unit is so powerful, the pressure of the water alone is enough to clean the toughest areas without the aid of chemicals. This is particularly important around aquatic environments and planted areas.

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