We are well practised at installing new lawns. Every household needs different things from their lawn. Some need a lawn that looks smart but is tough enough to withstand constant attack from hordes of marauding children, whereas others aspire to a pristine striped lawn that's as elegant as a carefully tended cricket pitch. Tell us your objectives and we will help you to achieve them.

Artificial lawns

We use Trulawn artificial grass. It is high quality and extremely realistic. There is a wide selection of styles, from lush spring lawns, to carefully tendered summer lawns, all with varying pile lengths.

The base for an artificial lawn is extremely important. It must not be laid on bare soil. Laying methods have also moved away from the use of compacted sharp sand. The area should be excavated 60-75mm deep and covered with a membrane, a concrete perimeter collar or timber edge is then installed to finished height. The area is then filled with free draining 4-20mm aqua-flow substrate and compacted. It is then covered with a 2-6mm aqua-flow substrate and levelled. A further membrane is laid and then the artificial grass rolled out and left to settle for a couple of hours. The grass is fitted and joins made with a joining tape and glue. The perimeter is trimmed to shape and secured to the concrete collar with glue. Some artificial grass requires an even layer of kiln dried sand brushed in at around 5kg per square meter but Trulawn does not. The advantage is the lawn will drain more freely and stay fresher. Once complete, the pile should be brushed up with a broom or mechanical brush.

Real lawns

A real lawn needs a carefully prepared, loamy, free draining topsoil, the exact nature of which will depend on the location, gradient and various other factors. It is also worth considering pop-up sprinklers for efficient watering in periods of hot, dry weather. Feed and weed treatments should also be applied in spring, summer and autumn. Mechanical scarifying and aeration should be carried out at least once a year to promote healthy growth whilst removing the build-up of dead thatch and moss.

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