Patios, steps, pathways and walls can be used to create an outdoor room or direct visitors on a defined route through a garden. Simplicity and harmony is often a good approach, choosing a restricted palette of compatible materials and textures, rather than using too many elements, may produce a far more attractive result.

We can lay patios using a variety of materials. They fall into two main categories, natural and man-made products. Manufacturers such as Bradstone, Stonemarket, Marshalls, Global Stone, Brett and selected specialist outlets, supply us with high quality natural and man-made products. We lay all our patios on steel reinforced concrete bases.

Paths can be made from many different materials, including paving slabs, block paving, decorative gravel, wood chippings or tarmac. Stepping stones can be very effective when laid through a lawn, planted or gravelled area.

Natural stone paving

Natural stone paving has some important advantages compared to concrete counterparts. They are highly durable, have unique details and are a very cost effective option nowadays. It will generally exceed the lifespan of most concrete paving and comes in many forms, sizes, textures and colours. A variety of distinctive layouts can be achieved, from circles, to symmetrical designs and random layouts. A huge selection of authentic stone is available, making it possible to create a unique design statement that introduces natural beauty, colours and textures to your garden. We use environmentally and ethically sourced stone from local suppliers.

Man-made paving

There are a wide range of premium and budget man-made paving lines available. Modern production techniques ensure a long lasting finish that stand up to the British climate. They are a fantastic choice when budget is a key consideration or if you are potentially moving house in a few years. They also work well in utility areas, vegetable gardens and come in a variety of sizes, colours and textures.

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