Elegant structures like pergolas, gazebos and summerhouses add height, focus and extra elements to your garden. Garden structures can be functional, decorative or a combination of the two.

They are often left as treated timber in a natural finish, but can also be painted in virtually any colour. For some structures, there may be local planning restrictions that will need looking into.

Pergolas & Structures

A timber pergola can make a huge difference to the feel of a garden. It can be used to add height, focus or extra detail to an otherwise flat garden. And a pergola is very versatile. In any garden it can be used as a structure for growing plants, flowers or vines, or as a walkway passing through into another part of the garden. Simply, it can offer shade over a patio seating area or for a pond.

There are many different pergola designs. We use kiln dried pressure treated timber from sustainable resources, and the posts are secured in the ground to a depth of 600mm with concrete, so the structure is very stable and durable. A metal or wooden arch or arbour can provide a good alternative if there's not enough space for a pergola.

If you're looking for more shelter than a pergola provides, a gazebo may be the answer. This is an elegant structure that's can be open or partially closed on all sides (perhaps featuring trellis for plants to grow up) but has a solid roof to provide shade and protection from the rain.

Sheds & Summerhouses

Sheds and summerhouses come in many different shapes and sizes and are normally made from timber, metal and recycled plastics. Unless it's quite small, the structure will normally need to be erected on a concrete base, which we can prepare for you. Most types and sizes come in kit form, but we can also construct custom-built sheds to maximise the use of an irregular shaped space. We can also construct log stores, playhouses and tree houses.

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